December mini haul

Hi guys, it’s been a long time I know and I’m sorry. I am really trying to work on being consistent even with my lack of time. How are y’all doing? Great I hope! Winter is almost here, it’s been coooold! I am just one of those people who do not like cold but can’t stand heat either. *rolling my eyes* but I will choose the cold over the heat lol. And with cold comes the need for moisturizers! Like you just need to have good moisturizers (notice how I didn’t say ‘moisturizer’? Yeah, cuz you need more than one for this cold) LOL! So I went shopping for moisturizers, I wasn’t looking for the expensive ones, I was looking for affordable yet effective ones so I strolled down to my local ‘boots’ drugstore and I spent about an hour and a half, because I kept losing focus midst the lipsticks I was seeing, anyways, I was able to pick 4 moisturizers, three for my face and 1 for my body. The first moisturizer I picked out was the optimum phyto brighter moisturizer

It’s a black lotion…. Yep, you heard right. It’s black. That discouraged me because I felt it could mess up my pillow and it just seemed weird but I checked the claims and I felt okay, let’s give this product a try, so I picked it out. I claims to even skin tone, skin discoloration etc. it applies well, it goes on clear even though it’s black, though it leaves your face looking oily though but it applies well and smooth. It didn’t sit well with make up at all, it made my face oily with make up so I have labelled it as my night cream. I have used to for a few days and i must say, it works quite well.



The second is the B. Treated blemish gel, it comes in a small tube, its a clear gel, which applies well but has a minor burning sensation to it, i use it as my day blemish cream and it claims to give you visible results in 2 hours! hmm, i don’t know about this claim but i do know it sits well with make up. i haven’t noticed any difference yet but will keep y’all posted.




The third is the Olay essential day moisturizer, it’s a normal moisturizer, no brainer, it’s just a plain moisturizer with a normal sweet scent, it just keeps your face moisturizer for the day and let’s your make up sit well. I use it as my daily moisturizer.


The next is the Vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant lotion. Beauty blogger thatigbochick instagrammed it as her go to skin moisturizer for the weather, I decided to try it out and It is so good. And with the cold I have to layer up that moisture so my skin doesn’t look ashy and stuff so I use this cream and my Argan oil. I mean the combination is amazing, I have never really been a fan of Vaseline lotion because I’ve always been a Nivea person but this keeps my skin super hydrated.



Okay guys, that’s my mini haul, I will try to be regular with my posts as possible. Hope you like this post!

Hugs, kisses, and moisturizers.


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