Beauty Essentials

Hello guys!!! Its been a long minute! so what happened you ask? Life happened! However, we shouldn’t dwell on spilt milk yeah?! So most of my posts are usually heavy party style make up or dramatic looks, but to be honest, I rarely wear that much make up everyday! I mean, except you’re a celebrity or something, most girls have an everyday minimal makeup look which lets your skin breath a little. I, for one, believe in your skin being the canvas for your make up, and all things being equal, a canvas is clear and smooth so I believe in skin first, make up second. I love to let my natural beauty shine through and enhance my features by wearing minimal make up. To achieve this, I love to have beautiful skin and I have a couple of essential products I require to be able to function! LOL! And I believe every girl also needs in real life. A lot of beauty brands however do not focus on enhancing and working with your skin and to be honest I believe beauty should be easy, fun and should enhance your natural features and not change them that’s why I have been so impressed with the beauty brand ‘GLOSSIER’ They are a beauty company inspired by what girls need in real life. The create easy-to-use basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine. Their philosophy is that beauty should be fun. easy, personal and imperfect. This post was inspired by the beauty company’s dedication to essential nature of skin care. Below are a few essential products I use:



IMG_9967dMicellar water : I can’t explain how much of a necessity it is! It is no-rinse, gentle and easy-to-use and they’re perfect for travelling and late nights. As a real girl with real life issues, sometimes you just want to go straight to bed or lounge out after a day of ‘Adulting’ but you need to cleanse your face of all oil and dirt. Its the simple but effective action of the water that makes it an ideal gentle makeup removers, and explains why there is no tingling or tightening of your pores. Try out Glossier’s ‘milky jelly’ cleanser HERE




Toner: Toners are such an essential part of my skin care routine as it helps unclog my pores, it gives my skin PH balance, this is essential especially if you use anti septic soaps or beauty soaps to wash your face. It also refreshes my face! I could go on and on but I would just stop here


Moisturisers: This is the holy grail of products, I presently hoover between the optimum phytobrighter moisturiser and  Olay daily moisturiser. Moisturisers are such a necessity as your skin cannot live without moisturisers even if you have oily skin! yes, you heard that right! Even with dry skin, lack of moisturisers make the skin produce more oils! so get your moisturisers out ladies! Try out Glossier’s priming moisturiser HERE





Concealers: Personally, I do not really like heavy concealers and if you are like me, you would prefer skin tints, however, If I have to use a heavy concealer, I use just a little amount of concealer. Pea size to be precise!  This is just to even out any discolouration and to let my skin breathe. Glossier’s perfecting skin tint is an amazing skin cream that evens out skin tone and does not feel heavy on the skin giving you that natural glow. GLOSSIER’S STRETCH CONCEALER  is also a type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it, and nourishing oils that give a dewy, glowing finish.




Primers: primers are just as important as any product as they help your make up stay in place. however, if you can get a priming moisturiser, then that’s just perfect!







For this everyday look all products I used were:




brow tint

lip balm

In addition, I absolutely love Glossier packaging! Their minimalist chic aesthetic is just absolutely beautiful. One of the things I absolutely love about the brand. Feel free to check out their website  HERE

hugs, kisses and GLOSSIER!








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