Product Review: R&R Luxury Liquid black soap

Hello Beautiful people!
How are y’all doing today? My day has been a little bit hectic but I was super determined to post this review.

So I’m reviewing R&R luxury liquid black soap! This is not a sponsored post so there is absolutely no bias in this review! It’s just truthfully my opinion on this product. I have been hearing about R&R luxury for a while so I’m late on this one. A little back story on how I got to buy this product…. Now I had been looking for pure African black soap for a while because of its amazing properties. I used the popular ‘Dudu Osun’ Back in the day and I hated it! I used to dread whenever my mum used it for me as a kid so I wasn’t looking in that direction. I did some research on African black soap and I found loads and loads of Nigerian brands carrying black soaps, glow black soaps etc. I was, however being very careful of some of these brands that just sit down in a room somewhere and mix all sorts and claim ‘natural ingredients’. Ain’t nobody got time to be getting discolouration and bleached skin! 😂.

On my way to the airport I decided to stop by Healthplus which is a pharmacy/beauty store in Lagos. They had three different brands of liquid black soap including the R&R brand. I totally ignored the brand because I felt R&R luxury would be very expensive *pitfalls of putting the word ‘luxury’ in your brand name*. I asked the sales person for the prices of the two other brands and he told me they were 3500 and 4000 Nigerian Naira respectively pthat’s like $11 and $13 and I was like hell naaaah! For a 250ml bottle?! I was about to leave the store and I was like why don’t I ask about R&R luxury, Just because… 🙄 And surprisingly I was told it was 1,315 Naira/ less than $5! I was sold! So I got two bottles immediately.
They also had the lemon grass oils, serenity oil etc. But I just got the liquid black soap.

Packaging: the packaging is nice… I’ll say 8/10. It gives off a kinda sorta luxury vibe. The soap comes in a black bottle with the ingredients, the brand name etc. It comes with a protective film covering it beneath It’s flip top bottle cover which I didn’t really like but hey, it’s the best for travelling. I Would have preferred a pump bottle cover though.

Content: The soap is really dark brown. Almost black. It doesn’t have a thick consistency and it’s runny not gel. It smells natural, like typical black soap. It did leave somewhat of a smell in my bathroom (not a necessarily bad smell) and the good thing is it doesn’t stain your bathroom tiles.

Now I must say this about this product… IT WORKS!!!! In 7 days, I could see the difference! The hyper pigmentation I had on my face was fading, my skin was clearer and people could tell too! My acne spots were fading and I was having less break outs.

I have extremely sensitive skin (keyword: Extremely) and my skin was fine with this soap.

Price: on the R&R luxury website it costs N1250 for a 250ml bottle. You can also get it at healthplus pharmacies in Lagos though it retails for N1315 there.  If you’re outside Nigeria, I think you could reach out to them on Instagram @randrluxury  to see if they deliver to your location.

Pictures below….



I really want to explore some other products from R&R luxury. When I do, I’ll be sure to let y’all know how I feel about it.

Have you tried any R&R luxury product? What are your experiences?

I love you for reading ❤️

Love, Light and African Black soap❤️


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