Product review: Palmer’s cocoa butter skin therapy oil

Hey Guys,

how is everyone doing? Last review did quite good so I think quite a number of people love reviews, so I would be posting quite a number of reviews.

That being said, Today I’m reviewing The palmers cocoa butter skin therapy oil….


Product: Like the package says, Its an oil but it doesn’t clog your pores so you wouldn’t be getting break outs from this product even if your skin is oily.

The Product contains a blend of 10 precious oils and Retinol, Vitamin E, Vitamin C etc. which help to brighten skin tone and texture. It actually works! I used it for about a month and I must say it did even out my skin tone and clear my hyper pimentation.

However, because this product contains Retinol which increses the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, I only used this product at night to avoid sunburn.

It doesn’t have a good smell and it also doesn’t have a bad smell. It smells a little bit like chemicals.

Price: I got this product at Savers at £6.99 and I think in Nigeria you can get it on for about N4000.

Packaging: It comes in a glass dropper bottle which is okay. I’ll give them a 6/10 for packaging. Its nothing too fancy to be honest.

Verdict: For the price and performance, Will definitely repurchase.


Thanks for reading!

Sending good vibes your way!




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